Merits Making

The accumulations of merit and wisdom are the perfect causes of enlightenment.
--- Atisa, Bodhipathapradipa

Prajnaparamita Puja (Heart Sutra)



The Heart Sutra belongs to the teachings on the perfecting of insight or wisdom, sometimes referred to as the "mother of all Buddhas".  It is this insight or wisdom that brings about enlightened individuals.

The Condensed Jewel Quality Sutra says that “Building a Stupa of the sorrowless state, making the stupa of the 7 jewels, and making as many of these to fill many thousands of ten millions worlds equaling the number of sand grains in the river Ganges, and then making infinite offerings to these stupas by infinite sentient beings for eons.  If you consider this merit obtained from this compared with writing this Prajnaparamita Sutra, reciting this text, keeps and makes offerings to it, pay respect to it, the merit of the later is infinitely more greater!”

The prajnaparamita mantra is said in this way:


Forty monks from our monasteries would recite 16 volumes of this Prajnaparamita text for individuals or families at their request. You would thus create a vast amount of merit and purification. This puja service is a special method to clear obstacles and/or crisis e.g. court case and surgical operation.


Instructions and Request Form

Please note that it is important to indicate the sponsor's name that the merits are to be dedicated. For pujas (prayers), do remember to enclose the sponsor's recent photograph. For hanging of prayer flags, please tell us the sponsor's birth date.

Please contact if you require any further information.

Payment Methods

  1. You could click here for a Merit Making Request Form. (file size approx. 88 KB) and send it to the enclosed address.

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