Merits Making

The accumulations of merit and wisdom are the perfect causes of enlightenment.
--- Atisa, Bodhipathapradipa

Food Offering to Sangha


"The Buddha once said that he or she who provides for the Sangha would obtain great Merit."


Hanging Prayer Flags


Prayer flags are hang everywhere in the Tibetan world. The prayers of Guru Rinpoche, Green Tara, White Umbrella and Wind Horse printed on the coloured cloth are carried through by the wind, spreading beneficent energy to all sentient beings. Our monks will help you to put up them up at holy stupa in Bodhgaya, India or Boudhanath, Nepal. Thus gaining merits of good fortune, prosperity, long life and removing obstacles.


Lamp Offering


Offering of butter lamps is held in Beru Khyentse Rinpoche's monasteries in Bodhgaya, Lhasa or Nepal . The light of these butter lamps symbolizes wisdom, which disperses the darkness of mental confusion.

Incense Offering


Incense offering are performed as part of an elaborate religious ritual, an offering of a fragrant purified of its ordinary qualities and appearance to Guru, Yidam, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha and Dharma Protectors. The offering is intended to please the Triple Gems, who rejoice at the merit of those making the offering.

Monks from our Monasteries would also help patrons to offer incense to holy stupas in Bodhgaya, India or Boudhanath, Nepal .

It should also be included when one wishes to offer lamp offering in the monasteries.


Instructions and Request Form

Please note that it is important to indicate the sponsor's name that the merits are to be dedicated. For pujas (prayers), do remember to enclose the sponsor's recent photograph. For hanging of prayer flags, please tell us the sponsor's birth date.

Please contact if you require any further information.

Payment Methods

  1. You could click here for a Merit Making Request Form. (file size approx. 88 KB) and send it to the enclosed address.

Thank You!