Merits Making

The accumulations of merit and wisdom are the perfect causes of enlightenment.
--- Atisa, Bodhipathapradipa

Padma Benza & Jangchog Puja


Padma Benza is the name of Guru Rinpoche, which symbolizes the ultimate realization of Dharmakaya, just as Vajradhara symbolizes Dharmakaya. The main figure of the mandala is Guru Rinpoche in the form of Padma Vajra and he is surrounded by the eighty Siddhas together with the hundred deities.

The Jangchog (purification ritual) is meant for the purification of the defilements of the deceased. This is one of the Vajrayana methods, which can be found in both the old and new traditions of the Tibetan Buddhism. It is performed through profound ritual and conducted by qualified Lamas who possess great compassion and meditation abilities to liberate the departed one.

The benefit of this ritual is immeasurable and it is said that any of the deceased which come into contact with such a ritual is considered to be very fortunate. During the time of Padmasambhawa, when King Trisong Deutsen passed away, the Prince requested Guru Rinpoche to perform a ritual. Guru Rinpoche decided to perform this ritual especially for the King. During the ritual, all the attendants witnessed that the deceased King manifesting himself into a rainbow body and appeared in front of Guru Rinpoche to offer his thanks after which he attained liberation. Guru Rinpoche mentioned in this text that "as long as anyone is able to come into contact with or enter into the Mandala of this special practice, it is impossible that they will still remain in Samsara."

This is the essence of all the Buddha's teachings and it is the most profound Dharma on earth that Guru Rinpoche received directly from Buddha Amitayus at Maratika cave where he attained ultimate realization and the state of immortality.

Every November, more than 50 monks from our monasteries conduct this Puja in Bodhgaya for seven consecutive days.


Dorje Sempa / Menling Donsem Puja


All beings in conditioned existence in the phenomena world experience inexhaustible pain and suffering.

In many of the sutra and tantric teachings, the sublime Lord Buddha taught that karma and kleshas are the chief causes that bind sentient beings to cyclic existence. Until sentient beings fully comprehend the principles governing the law of karma and take steps to eliminate the negative emotion of defilement such as aggression, greed, ignorance, attachment, jealousy and pride within our mental continuum, liberation is virtually impossible!

Vajrasattva or Dorje Sempa is the main method employed for purification by practitioners of all Vajrayana traditions. It is thought to be the most effective way to eliminate the negative karmic patterns on our mental continuum that at some future time, would doubtlessly ripen into experience of pain and suffering.

More than 50 monks from our monasteries conduct the Dorje Sempa Puja every December in Bodhgaya , India for seven days.


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