Merits Making

The accumulations of merit and wisdom are the perfect causes of enlightenment.
--- Atisa, Bodhipathapradipa

Monlam Puja (Wishing Prayers)


The Mönlam Puja is organized annually in December and held in Bodhgaya, India. A hundred to two hundred monks would gather under the Bodhi Tree to practice Paths of Aspirations (or Wishing Prayers) for 7 days.

Bodhgaya, located in the Indian state of Bihar, is the place where the Buddha achieved enlightenment approximately 2,500 years ago. Until today this place is the most important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists world-wide. This is why a gathering for the Mönlam practice at this place is of special importance. The concluding ceremony was a Milarepa-Ganachakra (Milarepa-Tsog) at the end of which the merit accumulated during these days of intensive practice was dedicated for world peace and the benefit of all beings.

Dedication of merits will be given to sponsors of this event.


Mahakala (Tok Gyak) Puja


In Tibetan Buddhism, every practitioners of Vajrayana tradition require Guru, Deities and Protectors. The Protectors pacify obstacles in the practice. They protect the practitioners from every negative influences and forces. Particularly, in the Karma Kagyu tradition, we regard Mahakala, which manifested as the Protector, as an embodiment of Guru, Deities and the Union of Refuges.

The grand ceremony of Mahakala is considered as the greatest annual event by many monasteries. The puja is conducted for several days before the coming of New Year. On the last day, there is a throwing of tormas into the fire (Tor Gyak). This ceremony is very special as it signifies that all our defilements, negative influences together with Maras and obstacles are burned with the wisdom fire and offered into the mouths of Mahakala and Mahakalis.

This event is for the purification or removal of obstacles for the forthcoming New Year. When one participates in the Mahakala Tor Gyak Ceremony, one can remove all kind of obstacles whether it is caused by human or natural disasters. It protects oneself from charm, from attacks by the spirits and from curses by wicked people.

One also accumulates great amount of merits and undergoes purification of the defilements. Mahakala is also regarded as a wealth deity and he bestows wealth on one that needs the material necessities to survive in order to practice the Dharma.

Sponsorship of this puja will receive great blessings for the coming New Year. All our monasteries will perform the Mahakala puja at the same time for seven days.

Instructions and Request Form

Please note that it is important to indicate the sponsor's name that the merits are to be dedicated. For pujas (prayers), do remember to enclose the sponsor's recent photograph. For hanging of prayer flags, please tell us the sponsor's birth date.

Please contact if you require any further information.

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