The Great Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche

A seed of faith, the summarized life-story of Jamgon Kongtrul

First some words of praise:

Namo guna saga raye.
Having actually seen all the possible vast and profound ways to practice,
He summarised them perfectly into the Five Great Treatises.
He was the promoter of the practice lineages.
I prostrate respectfully to the feet of the Guru Jamgon.

The great being, who was prophesied again and again in several Sutras and Tantras by the Buddha, manifested as an emanation of the noble Manjushri in human form. At the time of the Buddha he was the attendant, the noble Ananda. In the land of Uddiyana, he was Indrabodhi. In the country of Shambala, he was the son of the noble family, Chandrabhadra. In Tibet, he was the great scholar Thonmi Sambhota and the Translator Vairotsana. Furthermore, he is said to be the rebirth of several great beings of the new and old Vajrayana traditions, and the non-sectarian movement. His name was widely renown, he was called Jamgon Kongtrul Lodroe Thaye, or Karma Ngawang Yonten Gyatso. The one whose name is as famous as the sun and moon worked so that those of the eight practice lineages which had not declined would further flourish, and to restore those that had declined. He was born in 1813 and passed into Nirvana in 1899, at the age of 87 years.