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Sponsoring Educational Projects and Monastic Institutions教育和寺院重建项目

Nyethang KindergartenKindergarten located near Lhasa, Tibet in Nyethang area has an enrolment of 150 children. We need your support for teachers and staff salaries and to maintain the facilities.

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Nyethang Jemanag Kindergarten, Tibet- 2009
Nyethang Kindergarten, Tibet 2009.

Tharjay Monastery, KathmanduTharjay monastery located in Boudha stupa Kathmandu Nepal, needs support for the institute (for tibetan and nepali sherpa monks). New monks' quarter needs to be built

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Tharjay Monastery Tibet- Fundraising Film

Manang Kagyud MonasteryManang Kagyud monastery (more than 400 years old) located near Milarepa’s cave Gotari (3,300m above sea level), has been restored completely for retreat. in 2014, Rinpoche wants to build a retreat house and kitchen, and estimateto be costing USD$22,000


Kagyupa Vajrayana Buddhist MonasteryIn Kagyupa Vajrayana Buddhist Monastery, Bodhgaya, India, Rinpoche plans to build a guest house and clinic.

Nangchen monksNangchen Tharjay young monks need educational support (i.e. robes, stationery, food, teachers’ salaries).


Tharjay NunneryTharjay nunnery needs nuns quarters and boundary (the nunnery roof have to be repaired). It is located in Kham East Tibet (4100m above sea level). 


Tharjay NunsTharjay nuns also need support for food. Presently, there are 15 nuns on 3 years solitary retreat. The rest of nuns are studying Buddhist philosophy in other places.


Nangchen Tharjay 3 yrs retreat centreNangchen Tharjay, 3 years retreat centre, located in Kham East Tibet (4100m above sea level), needs maintenance support for its facilities.


Nyethang Tashigang monasteryNyethang Tashigang monastery (750 years old) located at Lord Atisha‘s Tara temple, near Lhasa, needs support for monks and maintenance.


Karma Tharjay Chokhorling Monastery, Mainpat, IndiaKarma Tharjay Chokhorling monastery, located in central India, Tibetan refugees camp 2, Mainpat, needs to have an institute and monks’ quarter.

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